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Diet Solution Plan: Diet Program Scam Review

Recently, writings of the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, revealed the she underwent a rigorous and extreme weight loss plan during her 1979 campaign for leadership of the UK. It seems that she wanted to lose 20 lbs in an extremely short time and was prepared to go to great lengths to do so. Her plan became known as the Margaret Thatcher Diet Plan.

In this article I wish to compare this plan of 30 years ago with a current, successful plan called the Diet Solution Program by a nutritionist named Isabel De Los Rios. Through this comparison I want to help you see the truth about the Iron Lady’s crash diet of the late 1970′s.

There are many advantages of the Diet Solution Plan and they make many people follow this. Energy DietEnergy FoodsEating For Energy You get the health benefits including loss of weight, but at the same time, you do not need to suffer because of the diet. Obesity can be controlled in many ways, but what every obese person has to remember is that the obesity should be controlled in such a way that it does not become a very hard task.

As a task becomes difficult, you will not feel like doing it and so one fine day, you will stop the effort to lose weight. One of the most enjoyable methods of trying to lose weight is the Diet Solution Plan. Lose Weight FastingFasting DietEat Stop Eat There are any advantages that are related to this method of losing weight and they are as follows:

1. No hunger: The Diet SolutionDiet Solution ReviewThe Diet Solution Program consists of a protein rich diet and because of this, you do not feel any hunger at all. The protein in the diet that is recommended for all those who are obese helps to make you full that you do not feel hungry and this is an added advantage to stick to the Diet Solution Plan.

2. Wide range of foods: There are many diets that have only certain kinds of foods to be consumed and when you are part of such methods, you will not be able to taste good food and finally one day, Truth Six Pack AbsHow to Get a Six PackTruth About Six Pack Abs you are sure to break your fast. This plan is not like that and you will be able to consume tasty food even when you are trying to lose your weight.

3. Healthy food: The consumption of fruits and also a wide range of foods including omega 3 fatty acids are helpful for you to have a healthy food. This not only helps you to reduce your weight, but also provides better health. Fat Burning FurnaceFat Burn ExerciseWeight Loss Workouts

What is the Margaret Thatcher Diet Plan?

This is a high protein, low calorie plan that the former prime minister used. The diet involves eating 4 eggs each day (for a total of 28 a week). In addition, she also had steak for dinner which increased the protein amount even further.

The diet also involved eating salad for dinner and tomato or spinach for lunch. Alcohol was prohibited in theory but there are reports that she indulged herself in some whiskey on occasion.

All in all, this is a crash diet and while it may produce some kind of weight loss, it is not going to be easy to maintain. You won’t be able to lose weight continuously on this kind of plan as it’s not structured and doesn’t help you produce a true lifestyle change. The only good thing about it is that it’s free. It’s not even clear how the former Prime Minister did on this plan.

When I look at the Diet Solution Program, I see something completely different. For one thing, there’s an expert behind this plan, a noted nutritonist called Isabel De Los Rios. I chose this program for this comparison because I found it to be of exceptionally high quality with a real person behind it. This is why you can also get support on this diet because Isabel De Los Rios is actively running it.

In addition, this is not a crash diet. This is a real plan for a real lifestyle change to not only help you lose weight but to remain healthy for many years.

What I like about this program the most is that it helps to create a personalized eating plan for each person so it’s like a solution to all the failed diets you may have tried in the past. In addition, you can learn so much about healthy foods and about food you only think is healthy that this program is a real eye opener.


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