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Tips to Lose Stomach Fat and Get Flat Abs

Everyone in the world wants to burn belly fat and get flat abs. Yes so few people succeed. The reason isn’t lack of trying but lack of knowledge. People do the wrong things: they workout badly and they eat badly. They just sabotage their own efforts.

I hope to help you make sure this doesn’t happen to you with this short article and these 5 tips:

1. Stop doing long duration cardio – In the past we were led to believe that in order to burn more fat we need to extend our cardio workouts, to make them as long as possible. Little was said about the intensity of those workouts. What happened is that people began doing medium paced workouts just to be able to stay on the treadmill or the elliptical for 60–90 minutes. They wasted their time and got little results.

The key is to do intensive workout and not long ones. Sure, you can’t just spring for a minute and expect to get flat abs, but you don’t need to do a 60 minute workout either. Push yourself hard for 20–30 minutes and you’ll burn a lot of belly fat.

2. Just because something doesn’t have sugar doesn’t make it a diet food – With so many sugar free products in the supermarket, it’s a wonder Western Society is continuing to get fatter and fatter. The truth is that most artificial sweeteners are bad for you. Some can make you fat similar to how sugar can.

3. Workout your entire body – In my gym I see people do endless abs exercises. They believe it will burn off their belly fat. Not so. You can’t burn fat from a specific body part with exercise alone. You burn fat from all over your body. You need to concentrate on exercises which burn the most fat. Stomach workouts aren’t part of these exercises.

4. Break your meals into smaller meals – It’s not just how many calories you eat but how you can them that counts. If you take your entire calorie intake and break it into many smaller meals throughout the day, you will maintain a higher metabolic rate and burn more calories easier. 4-6 meals and snacks is a good rule of thumb.

5. Create a healthy lifestyle – You can’t just workout your troubles away or lead an unhealthy life and hope that you will get flat abs. It’s not going to happen. How you lead your life has a dramatic effect on your body. Make sure you sleep enough hours, drink enough water, lead a relaxed life, and do things you enjoy.


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